Privacy Policy

    1. introduction

    1.1 “Elementric” (hereinafter: “the management of the site”) operating the “Elementric” site (hereinafter “the site”) operating at the web address (hereinafter “the URL”) respects the privacy of users of the “Elementric” site These teach what the privacy policy of the site is. They review, among other things, how the site management uses the information provided to it by the site users, or collected by it while using the site.

    1.2 The purpose of the policy is to explain to you, how the website owners use the information provided to them by the surfer or collected by them as part of the surfer’s use of the website.

    1.3 This policy is worded in masculine for convenience only and applies, of course, to women as well.

    1. Providing details to the site

    2.1 The site management provides users with a user account creation form. When completing the online form you will be asked to provide personal details such as: first name, last name, active e-mail address, telephone number and other information. Without providing the required data in the required fields, you will not be able to complete the form.

    2.2 The information collected on the site will include the details you provided as well as products and services that you purchased or requested to purchase means of payment that were used by you. And information is also stored on the pages in which you have browsed the web addresses from which you have browsed the site.

    2.3 When you provide personal information of a third party, you declare that you have received his express consent to the submission of his details to the management of the site.

    1. The database

    3.1 The data you provide will be stored in the site’s database. You are not required by law to provide the information, but without providing it the company will not be able to contact you, nor will you have the option to purchase on the site, or any option reserved for identified and / or registered users of the site.

    1. The use of information

    4.1 When you use the Site, information about how you use it may accumulate. Such information can include, for example, what you read on the site, what pages you viewed, the Internet address from which you access the site and more. The use of this data, as well as the data you provide when completing the online form, will be done only in accordance with this privacy policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law – for the purposes set out below.

    4.2 to allow you to use the Site.

    4.3 To improve and enrich the services and content offered on the site, including creating new services and content that meet the requirements of the users of the site and their expectations and to change or cancel existing services and content. The information that will be used by the site management for this purpose will mainly be statistical information, which does not identify you personally.

    4.4 so that the site owners can adapt and improve the site content, services and / or products to your areas of interest.

    1. Advertising mailing

    5.1 The management of the site may from time to time send you by e-mail information about its services as well as marketing and advertising information – between information that it itself publishes or information that it receives for delivery from other advertisers.

    5.2 Such information will be sent to you if you have given your express consent during registration or at any other time. You can revoke your consent at any time and stop receiving it. However, the site management will not provide your personal information to advertisers on its own initiative in order to contact you by direct mail.

    5.3 The website owners will not provide your details to the advertisers to contact you and in case of need and / or for the purpose of analysis and delivery of statistical information they will provide information to third parties. This information will not personally identify you.

    5.4 For the proper operation and development of the site. The information used for this purpose will not be passed on to third parties, except to the extent permitted under this Privacy Policy, as updated from time to time.

    We encourage you to periodically update the site’s privacy policy, as it may change from time to time.

    1. Providing information to a third party

    6.1 The management of the site will not pass on to third parties your personal information and the information collected about your activity on the site (insofar as this information and information identifies you personally), except in the following cases:

    6.2 to the extent necessary for the proper provision of the Site Services.

    6.3 If you violate the terms of use of the site, or if you perform through the site, or in connection with it, actions that are against the law or attempt to perform such actions.

    6.4 If the site management receives a court order instructing it to provide your details or information about you to a third party.

    6.5 In any dispute, claim, suit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the management of the site.

    6.6 In the event that the management of the site deems that the provision of the information is necessary to prevent serious damage to your body or property or to the body or property of a third party.

    6.7 The management of the site will be entitled to transfer your details and the information collected as a result of your use of the site to companies or other organizations related to the management of the site, provided that they use this information only in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy.

    6.8 If the management of the site organizes its activities or the activities of the site in another framework and in case you change the legal structure or merge with another body or merge the activities of the site with the activities of a third party – it will be entitled to transfer to the new corporation. Statistics is in its possession, provided that this corporation accepts the provisions of this Privacy Policy towards you.

    1. Cookies

    7.1 The website uses ‘cookies’ for the purpose of its regular and proper operation, as well as to collect statistics about the use of the website, to verify details, to adapt the website to your personal preferences and information security needs. ‘Cookies’ are text files, which your browser creates on command from the site’s computers. Some cookies will expire when you close the browser and others are stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies contain a variety of information such as the pages you visited, the length of time you were on the site, where you came from, sections and information you want to see when entering the site and more. They may also be used to eliminate the need to enter your information each time you revisit sections of the site that require registration.

    7.2 If you do not want to receive cookies, you can avoid this by changing the settings in your browser. To do this, please consult your browser’s help file. Keep in mind, however, that disabling cookies may prevent you from using some of the services and features on the Site or other websites. In addition, you can delete the cookies on your computer at any time. It is suggested that you do so only if you are convinced that you do not want the site to be tailored to your preferences. Since cookies sometimes prevent you from having to enter usernames and passwords, do not delete them unless you are convinced that you have first entered all the necessary information to use the site in a safe place.

    1. Advertisements of another person or company

    8.1 We may allow some companies to manage the set of advertisements on the site. The ads you see while visiting the site (if any) come from the computers of those companies. To manage their advertisements, these companies place cookies on your computer. Cookies allow them to collect information about your use of the website, for example advertisements placed on the website you viewed. In this way they seek to try and tailor the advertisements that will be presented to you to topics that will interest you.

    8.2 The use that these companies make of cookies is subject to their own privacy policy and not this policy of the site. These companies do not have access to the site’s cookies and the site does not have access to their cookies. If you want to check the privacy policies of the companies that run the advertising system on the site and prevent them from sending cookies to your computer and reading them from it, you can do so through their websites.

    1. Data Security

    The site management implements information security systems and procedures on the site. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion into the site management computers, they do not provide complete security. Therefore, the management of the site does not guarantee that the services on the site will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored on them, including the information entered by users of the site.

    1. Changes to Privacy Policy

    The management of the site may change, from time to time, the provisions of the privacy policy. If material changes are made to this policy, in the instructions regarding the use of personal information you have provided, a notice will be published on the website. We encourage you to update your privacy policy from time to time.