price list

Price illustration of a figure by personal order, without exclusivity – 390 NIS

Job description must be maximum and accurate in details –
(Remember! From your wording we need to understand the character and shape of the character in your imagination) so that we can provide the illustration with the maximum fit to your satisfaction.

After receiving an accurate description, the illustration will enter the work process up to the final level of finish in a time span of 6-12 business days.
Since there will be no sketches for approval, we expect you to understand – if it does not come to the exact result you drew in your imagination:)

There will also be no demand for a refund or a bargaining error.

The client’s right The illustration on the product will be the same for all site products
And will be sold on the site to anyone who is interested, subject to the terms of use
Do you need another illustration, or something complex?
Contact us and we will try to help God to the best of our ability.