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Subscription terms

  • The duration of the subscription is one year from the date of joining.
  • The subscription gives you a general discount on the site so that you pay much less, (explanation below).
  • Purchase a subscription on the days of the promotion and get access to the surplus, and classes category.
  • The subscription cannot be canceled in the middle of the period [year].
  • The monthly payment is separate from the purchase of the products. When purchasing a product, credit information must be re-entered.
    (For anyone who is interested, you can top up money on the site so that you do not have to refill credit information every time.).
  • Subscribers are not limited in the number of elements. You can download unlimited at the same price. (Unlike the package owners who are limited in the number of elements)
  • The discount is sweeping on all site products:
  • Extra subscription gets 85% discount on all categories on the site.
    For example, for a standard product for a regular surfer, the price is NIS 70. For package owners, NIS 25.
    And a subscriber will pay only 10 NIS.
  • Also price for a product from the character category. For a regular surfer, the price is 150 NIS. For package owners, 75 NIS.
    And a subscriber will pay only 22 NIS.
  • Ultra 68% discount on the entire category on the site.
  • Basic subscription 57% discount on the category on the site.
  • When purchasing the subscription you can select ’12 payments’.